He is comming . Yes I said it right.

My darling beloved is comming here for me. And yes now I really think everything happens for a reason.

I have been through some of the worst relationships in my lifeand yes i never had really good friends except a few. I failed jn mathematics in 12th grade not just once i failed thrice (yes you read it right three times) and i passed in my forth attempt. That was when i found my beloved. But well he failed too. I passed and he failed. It gave us time to fall in love. We were in a long distance relation for a whole year.I couldnt pass the university exam of his city(i thought i would stay there n be with him).

But do you know whats the good thing? Before every rainbow, it does rain.

All my past experiences showed me that i did deserve better and that, honey everyone deserves the best. I got someone who treates me like yes I am the only one. The way he looks at me yes i feel great. There came a point where i thought “I just need someone who respects me a little bit”, but when he came he let me know that no its not just respect u need everthing with it.

Last year my dad did not let me go out of the city to a different university. But yes being in this university I found some of the most amazing friends just two of them but yes they were worth everything. My lifelines.

I failed in maths three times but i got the love of my life sitting in the the row beside me in the maths exam hall. Yes i know its crazy. But its true i found my guy there and then. Yes you may wonder “wait what? Did you say an exam hall? What on earth were you doing then? Giving your exam or looking at him?”. I was doing both. Trying to find a way to talk to him and yes even writing my exam (cause if i failed once more i would have to repete my 12th grade). I think it was good that i failed (kidding).

He failed. But I passed. I think it was good too because for a year we were in a long distance relation. I was in my first year while he was playing for a club and studying for maths. Yes, there is something good even in this. We got really close, we became best friends and lovers . He could come to meet me we could spend time together once in a while which made us fall more and more for each other. And if he wouldnt have failed he probably would have been in a college in his city m he might not have even been in love with me. But now he is going to come to me. He will be in my university. Yes ofcourse as my junior (p.s he is younger to by a year).

And yes i did not pass im the university of his city, well may be because god wanted him to come to me.

Its just a matter of 7 days that we will be together. Yes i am excited,very much excited.

We have craved for eachother for a year and we met just four times. And all the times yes we did stay together. It was an “i missed you” meeting.

I have never had many friends and nither have i had nice lovers. Friends have been selfish and lovers have been “luvers” (if you know what i mean).

But one thing is sure. A lot of girls get a lot of attention. Not all of them. But the the few who don’t get attention from a lot of people they get it from that one person who makes things perfect

Yes , everything does happen for a reason.

Our Rhapsody

It’s revolving around me
red and blue and yellow and gold
It’s so intense, that i melt into it
And I explode

I climb so high
That i am lost in the sensation
I just cannot resist
your passion filled creation

I am crying out in pleasure
My body is on fire
I cling to your scent
Hunger feeding my desire

To taste and lick
To touch, to flick
I make a path along your skin
That is so slick

I am caught baby
Your body against mine,
Show me how much you crave me
Let the body define

It’s fine, don’t hold it back
Let your passion flow
Move along with me
And let your actions show

Climbing the peak, reaching together
That desire so intense
We are on the edge
Reaching and grabbing

Almost there, feel it
Feel the anticipation
That sense of exhilaration
We explode over the edge.

Hearts thumping wildly
Our sweats intermixed
Hot and dazed
Yes baby, we are completely spent

Limbs entwined,
Our bodies retreat
Into relaxation
Both our desires fed.

Now that sleep comes over
We kiss tenderly
We both surrender
Happy and content

Rest now,honey ❤


He was just a star
A big orb of gas
But you?
You are my whole fuckin’ sky
You are all my stars
And all my moons
You are my racing comet
Across the moons
Greater than any other
Galactic force out there
In your eyes i see galaxies
And worlds i have never been to
Can you take me there?


You could punch me with your words
And tease me with your lies
You could bruise me with your insults
And you would never hear my cries
You could break my back with your taunts
And make my world duller
Oh baby! Don’t you see?
Broken crayons still colour

Something Worth Learning.

It just wasn’t his day on the field, he dint play well. He didn’t play upto his level. She told him it was ok it just happens at times but he said “consistency is the key to success”. She told him it was ok to get low once in a while, everyone does but he he said that “Being low is not a problem but in the field there is no margin for errors, and what if its rarely that i go down i need to get that thing out completely, no margin for error i need to be a machine on the field”.
Then she said “You are not a machine, no one is. Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, nothing happens by getting tensed about it, we need to make sure that the same mistake doesn’t happen twice.And not every soccer match needs to played with concept. If its a game of life play it with life.
You are not supposed to become a machine , machines do not have hearts and they don’t know what passion is. You have to be a human to play with passion . Why play ?do any work with passion. Only if you do anything with your heart and soul into it you can do it with passion. So be a human who plays with all his heart, not a machine who knows how to play soccer.”

She did not know much about soccer but she said something with was worth learning.

You can teach any one how to play soccer and any one can learn, but only those who love it, who have the fire in their soul would put life into it. They will not just play soccer they will put life into it. Cause soccer is not just a game for soccer players, it’s their religion.

Desires–What she wanted

Once upon a time,

There lived a girl, who crave to do all those things everyone else does. she wanted a group of friends with whom she could hang out, go no long drives, with whom she could stay in a hostel, with whom she could bunk college.

She wanted to stay away from home in a hostel where she could also get excited to go home and talk about all the things that she would do once she goes home.

She wanted a group of friends with whom she could share everything. A best friend at least  if not a bunch of friends , with whom she could do all weird stuff.

She did make friends but what was the use? she never spent time with them cause she was jealous.

People disliked her and she never knew why. From school life to college- nothing had changed.

She had friends on social media…. but even they were of no use.

Habituated to be lonely , she felt good when people spoke to her , asked about her , n out of this happiness she spoke out her heart tried her best to be cheerful .

She found happiness in the smallest of the things. Cause nothing big had ever happened.

She never had friends and that was the reason she got lovers . She found happiness in a person who loved her. yes her boyfriend.

Those instagram and whatsapp stories irritated her cause she could never have all that .

Her friend asked her on text one day. How many people are there in your group. who is your best friend.

She said “neither do i have a group nor do i have a best friend. i enjoy with people at the heat of the moment and then i leave.”

He said ” what ? its been over  a month and you say u don’t have friends with whom you could spend time. Your always on the phone how can you  make friends?”

She did not want to argue so she left. but only she knew what people say when she used to try to talk. And she knew that if they wanted her to be friends they would at least talk to her. “TRY” to talk to her.

Her boyfriend asked her to go and sit with people but she refused and well he never forced her as he himself knew he reason.

The only thought she had in her mind is “Its just the beginning of the first year, I’ll surely have friends by the time I am in my fifth year.”


Lip secrets

The hidden secrets
On your lips
A Vast wilderness
An open plain
Although dry and lonely
I don’t mind
As long as i am with you
They always meet mine…..

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Smuggled in for lucrative trade

Beaten, bartered

Broken in, until i obey

I used to be childlike

Innocent and safe

Now i am someone else’s treasure

A stranger’s pleasure.

Smothered in shame


You cannot see how perfect you are,
You shine so bright like a night time star.
You have a smile that can brighten up my day,
And you laugh….
Is amazing in every way.
You make me feel like i truly belong,
You are so innocent and peaceful, like a morning bird’s song
So better not hate yourself when you are alone at night….
Because you are my angel…
My bright leading light  ❤

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