He kisses her in a way that he gives his colour away.
Yes the sun loves the ocean and thats why just for a few moments they meet.
But its not polite to capture somebodys kiss just because its beautiful.
What if they don’t like it?

At night the magnificient moon, makes the sea her mirror, looks at herself and admires her own beauty.
But its not polite to capture a beautiful woman’s elegance.
What if she doesn’t like it?

Keeping that in mind again i do not capture this artistry.

All i do is sit and look at all of this.
Cause’ i know, i cannot enjoy this moment after i capture it.

Oh, an apology to my camera….
I am so sorry buddy, but not today.
Let me enjoy them today, i will surely capture these some other day.

Some beautiful things are ment to be captured by the eyes and not by the camera.

Just A Dream

Once more, she set her already set hair and winked at the pretty girl in the mirror. She blew a kiss and thought to herself  “May be one day , I’ll blow a kiss to the crowd, and they would all shout out my name. May be one day i would not have to set hair, there would be a proffessional hair stylist doing it for me”. She stood in fromt of the mirror imagining this scene and started to blush.

In a few seconds her smile faded away. She realised that it was a dream that would never come true. She would have to earn her living by doing a simple job. She laughed at her foolish thoughts of becoming an actress.

“Have you started practising?” her mother asked her for the third time.

Quickly she wore her glasses, sat on her study table and opened her maths books. She started solving her maths problems . 


Little did she know that her life would take a sharp turn
Little did she know that whom she called her own would leave her alone
Little did she know that her life that seemed to be a fairy tale would
become a nightmare
Little did she know that she was going to live alone

Everything was lost
Everyone was gone
In the darkness, she sat alone
Wondering where to start from

She took out her diary and turned to the last page where she wrote
“Perfect life”
She scribbled onto it and under it she wrote “It was just  a dream…
ill make my life perfect now”

She set the diary to flames
With it she burnt the memories
And burnt who she was before
For one last time a tear rolled down her cheek.

She was born again, from the fire in which she burnt
Stronger than ever
With fire in her eyes and ice in her heart
Promising to herself that she would never fall apart

Who i want

” You will find your prince charming only if you look for him” he said

She smiled and said “I don’t need a prince charming i just want someone who can go mad with me, do all the stupid things that i do, eat a lot with me, takes funny pictures with me. i don’t want him to stare at me when i sleep i want him to make my face dirty with lipstick and kohl and takes a picture of it. I want a friend in him. I need a maniac. A guy who could find happiness in my eyes and my smile rather than my body”


True friends

Who exactly are friends?
They are people with whom you can have all kinds of talks. They are the people who are beside you no matter the situation is. You could tell them your deepest and darkest secrets without fear of being judged.

Making friends ,that’s an easy job and almost all of us can do it. But choosing friends is different because friends define us. popular axioms about friends are “A man is known by the company he keeps” ,’Birds of the same feather flock together”,”Friends are the family we choose”.Thant is the reason why we need to choose our friends carefully. Here are a few things that you should look for before choosing friends

  • Honesty—–  honest friends are the best. They are not only honest but the are also trustworthy. Because nothing hurts more than a friend not being completely honest.Lying to a friend is rude and we would definitely not want to look stupid just because our friend has lied. if your friend gets mad at you for something ,well its because they know whats good for you. And that is when the bond between both of you becomes strong.
  • Someone who gets your humour – Friends laugh with us. And the best memories come out due to our weird sense. And we all want friends who would laugh with us rather than laughing at us. Someone with whom we can share inner jokes and laugh at it in one glance/look.
  • Standing by you in tough times- Almost all our friends would stand by us in our happy moments, but not all stand by you during tough times. The ones who do stand with you ,supporting you like your backbone they are worthy of being your true friends. They are strong and would hold your hand when things are not doing well.
  • Someone who gives as much as they take- a relationship involves compromises also. Sometimes you do what your friend likes even when its not your thing and sometimes your friend what you like even when its not your thing. Having one-sided relation is not healthy as it causes anger and resentment. Choose someone who gives you a balanced relation.
  • Somebody who shares your interests- Friendship is full of compromises, it helps if you have who can share your interests. it gives you things you could share and decide to make things easier . It’s not necessary to have a friend who has exactly same interests as yours, but a few things in common will strengthen your bond.

Having friends is a good thing but , choosing who can be close is something that we need to be careful with . Because not every friend is good, they may have there personal reasons to befriend you.

A true friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself

Childhood Friends

Childhood friends??? I hope we still are
These years have put space between us and now you seem to be so far
Childhood promises never stick
But best friends forever is an old classic.
What would happen in the future
We are not aware
Who could forget that one special person that was always there?
The arms into which you fall
The one to which you crawl
No more playing in the backyard
Growing up sure makes being friends hard
From kids to teenagers we have grown so much
I wonder how such good friends seem to loose touch
My be destiny will hopefully let us meet again
Until then …..
This is a letter to an old friend…

I miss u both  a lot but we don’t talk any more like we used to.

Shef we were always together but after you went i became lonely. i didn’t have any one with whom i could play every day. You came just once or twice after you left, you never played with me the way we did before, years later when you came back you were not like the friend i used to know before. you changed completely. And not we both have changed we talk very rarely promising to meet but we don’t. May be because we are busy or its just a matter of priorities. I miss u. and i hope destiny will bring us together again.

Aladin….well we used to meet just once in a year but i still we were close but then 10th grade happened and well we don’t seem to talk much now. I still miss you. I miss everything that was between us. Actually …i miss irritating you . I have no idea if you are still angry. But if you are ….m sorry.

Miss you both ❤ ❤




Sweet reactions

Well  we all have crushes in our school, college, work etc. and at times we confess to them and may a times we don’t . Shy – yes we feel shy to express our feelings towards people. but what we fail to understand is that expressing our feelings is necessary , no matter what the reaction is. Most of the time what we fear is the negative reactions. what if he/she gets angry? what if he/she breaks friendship?etcetc. And well that is what even i did.

I got my first crush in 4th grade. His name is Y . I really liked him a lot, back then i found him very sweet  ( even after him i have had crushes but he was always constant). We were friends , but somehow after 7th grade i stopped talking to him, i don’t know why i did that. We used to see each other but i never spoke to him. And then 10th grade farewell, for the last time we were seeing out friends. But, unfortunately i did not see him. I kept looking for him but he was no where to be found. There it all ended, i thought i’ll never be seeing him again.

A few months ago i searched him on instagram and i found him i did not even make an attempt to talk to him. Shy as always.

But then i felt why am i feeling so shy? I stopped talking to him, so i should be the one to start talking again.I  gathered all my courage and texted him and within a few minutes he replied , we exchanged numbers and he spoke so freely.

I told him about everything that had taken place after 10th grade was over. My 11th grade in hostel and the disaster in 12th grade. That is when i thought “we have moved on in our lives and i don’t think it will make any difference if i confess” after thinking hard i asked him if he knew who was first crush.

He admitted that he did not know. I said to him that i am sending you his picture, see it.

I sent him his own profile picture, he said to me send me the picture of that guy!!!!

i said  did and then i wrote  ” after 8 years i gathered the courage to tell you that you were my crush”.

He was shocked and then he said  “I am glad that i could be your crush”

trust me that was the most adorable reaction that i could ever get from the guy who i used to admire from a distance .We are still very good friends and the way we talk i guess this friendship is going to last long.

At times i wonder if i would have told this to him in 10th grade may be things would have been different . I still do feel shy to talk to him. But i am glad that i confessed.

And yes this taught me that no matter who it is what age it is . Never feel shy to express, no matter what the reaction is, because later in life you should not regret .

Sometimes unspoken words are the reason why people fail at love. Take a chance. Take a risk. Tell them how you feel.

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